What is a community workshop or makerspace?
BuildMore Workshop is a place were you can come and build you own projects using the variety of industrial woodworking tools, metal fabrications machines and other equipment in a fully equipped professional shop filled with practically everything you need to make just about anything. BuildMore Workshop gives you the opportunity to make lots of cool stuff without having to buy, maintain and store all the expensive machinery.

What's included with a membership?
BuildMore memberships gives you access to all of the professional grade woodworking and metal tools in the shop like the table saw, planer, bandsaw, jointer, lathe, mill, sheet metal tools and many more machines too many to list. We do all the maintenance on the machines and keep all the blades, knives and bits razor sharp and ready for your next project.  The workshop is climate controlled with an intricate dust collection and air filtration system that keepsthe space comfortable season round. Access to a large selection of clamps, vises, fixture blocks, drill bits, router bits, and hand tools on site, Small storage space for your work in progress. Discounted rate on the CNC machine time and laser engraver. Front office lab with  electronics stations, computer workstations loaded with design software, break area, library of woodworking and reference books, sewing machine and more. 

Can I store my projects and materials at BuildMore?
Absolutely, recurring memberships include a free storage space, although we do charge a nominal storage fee for materials or projects larger then about 2 foot by 4 foot area and for those opting for other memberships. 

Do you sell materials or fasteners at BuildMore?
Yes we do, we have a variety of materials and fasteners at BuildMore available for purchase. We can also order other things from one our many exclusive industrial supplies that we work with. Or your welcome to bring your own supplies.

Can I have large materials delivered to the shop?
Of course you can, we can accept truck deliveries and unload large materials with our forklift through the shop garage doors for a nominal charge. Just let us know you have a delivery coming. 

Do you have a spray booth for finishing projects?
Unfortunately we're not equipped with a spray booth..yet, so we have to stick with spraying finishes outside when weather permits, or using brush-on finishes with low odor and fumes inside. 

I don't know anything about woodworking or metal working, can you help?
That's ok, we can arrange personalized one on one training with a skilled BuildMore instructor to help you along at your own pace with any project. We also always have a BuildMore tech in the shop that can answer questions about using the machines safely. Additional training from our maker guru's is charged by the hour.

I have a Project but would like someone else to build it, Can BuildMore make it for me?
Yes we can, We have highly skilled craftsmen and engineers here that can make just about anything. Call, email, or stop by to see how we can help. Custom fabrication services are quoted on a project basis so depending on the complexity the cost will vary. We've done work for customers personal projects, custom furniture pieces, personalized laser engraving, cnc milling, and tons of other odd jobs, We've worked with inventors helping design and build prototypes, custom fabrication for local businesses, low volume production run products, and lots of other crazy projects. let us know if you need help with something.

Are kids allowed in the workshop?
Because of the inherent dangers of working in the shop children age 14 to 18 are allowed in the shop with supervision by a parent. 

I'd like to teach a class, can I do that at the shop?
Give us a call or email, if we like it and it's a good fit for the workshop we'll put it on the calendar and assist as needed. 

I'm a Maker guru and would like to work for BuildMore, where do I apply?
Great! send us an email, BuildMore is currently looking for experienced makers for Shop tech positions and instructors.

How do I become a member?
To join BuildMore Workshop you'll just need to complete one of our safety orientation class for either the woodworking tools or metal fabrication tools or both. We offer those one or two times a month and you can schedule online here, Events, or stop by or give us a call. After completing the class you can select the membership type that works for you and have access to all the cool tools here.

How do I schedule a tour to check out the shop before joining?
Give us a call to schedule a tour, we'd love to show you around the shop and talk more about your upcoming projects.

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